Our Mediations and Collaborative Law Practice

The Law Office of Kathryn Figueredo Fowler, in Georgetown, Texas, provides family law and mediation services throughout Williamson, Travis and Bell Counties. This comprehensive representation includes preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorces, custody representation, child support, and litigation. As an experienced family law lawyer, Kathryn Figueredo Fowler frequently provides representation in high net worth divorce and contested custody cases. We also provide in-depth advice and guidance regarding property division issues and custodial conflicts.

Our knowledge and skills along with our uncompromising integrity have earned us a reputation as a go-to legal firm. Every case is important to us. We pride ourselves on providing unique and personalized services while assisting you through a difficult time.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods And Family Law

While we are always prepared to try every matter in court, many family law matters are now resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods. This includes alternatives to litigation such as mediation and the collaborative law process.

Kathryn Figueredo Fowler has practiced family law in Texas for over 25 years. We are extremely knowledgeable regarding family law, and we regularly provide representation to family law clients through the mediation and collaborative law process. Your concerns are our solutions. We will work toward protecting your rights regardless of what method you choose in resolving your divorce and family law issues.

Resolving Family Law Cases Through Mediation

Mediation is popular as an alternative to litigation. It allows for individuals to facilitate an agreement through the assistance of a mediator. Mediators in some circumstances can help parties locate a solution to otherwise contentious issues such as child custody disputes and asset disposition. But as in litigation, it is helpful to have an attorney present to provide insight into the process and guidance on whether any possible resolution best meets your personal concerns. Kathryn Fowler can help you find a creative solution that would not otherwise be available through the court system.

Our Collaborative Law Practice

Kathryn Figueredo Fowler is trained in collaborative law, another legal process. Collaborative law is a non-adversarial approach to resolving legal issues. During this process parties to a lawsuit meet at the negotiation table with their attorneys and then work toward achieving an agreement regarding any disputes. The collaborative process is geared toward helping you resolve a divorce or family law matter at lower cost and with much less stress. This process provides you much greater control regarding the making of decisions. The collaborative law approach may not work in all situations. It is therefore important to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can instruct you regarding all of your legal options.

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