These 3 benefits of collaborative law shouldn’t be overlooked

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Divorce |

Collaborating when you’re going through divorce might seem like it’s impossible. After all, part of the reason that you’re divorcing is because you don’t get along.

Still, as someone who wants to save money and to be able to move forward without lasting financial consequences from your divorce, using collaborative law can be of benefit. Collaborative law does allow you to retain and use your own attorney. You still get to negotiate and seek the assets you want during property division discussions.

Collaborative law has benefits that you simply cannot overlook. Here are three to consider.

  1. You both agree to do it with a signed contract

The first thing that is a benefit for people who use collaborative law is that they both sign a contract agreeing to go through this process. By doing that, you’ll know that the other party is sincere in their desire to work with you toward a positive resolution.

  1. You get to determine the outcome

The second reason to consider collaborative law is because it’s you and your spouse who determine the results. If you place your case into the hands of a judge, there is no guarantee that you’ll get anything that you want. With collaborative law, you work together to make sure you and your spouse are satisfied.

  1. You can avoid trial

Finally, you can avoid trial. You’ll stay out of court, keep your divorce-related issues private and be able to reduce the stress you feel through the entire process.

Collaborative law can save time and money. It’s a great way to move forward and end your relationship on a positive note, if you can both choose and commit to working together.