What’s the “hometown” advantage of a local attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Car Accidents |

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a negligent driver or something similar, you know you need an experienced personal injury attorney — but it isn’t easy to pick the right one. You see plenty of ads for big-name firms, and your choices can be somewhat dizzying.

It’s a big decision. Your financial security could be riding on the outcome of your case. You may be able to narrow your choices, however, by sticking with a local firm that can give you the “hometown advantage.”

Why does an attorney have a bit of an advantage in their own local court system? Several reasons:

  • They understand the cultural and social factors that can affect the way that a judge or jury thinks and reacts. Judges and juries are human, and they tend to be reflective of their communities. A conservative community, for example, tends to produce conservative juries — and they may react very differently to case facts than liberal ones.
  • They know their local court and local judiciary. Every judge has their own style. Some are lenient, while others are very strict. Some like cases to be presented in a certain way and will be unforgiving of particular mistakes. Some seem to favor “big business,” while others seem to favor individuals. Knowing what to expect when they walk into a courtroom can be invaluable.
  • They know their opponents — and their opponents know them. An attorney who aggressively protects their client’s rights and isn’t afraid to fight a case in court can quickly gain a formidable reputation that influences the opponents who know them to negotiate better.

The hometown advantage is so well-known that out-of-town often hire local counsel to assist with important cases. Why shouldn’t you take the same tactic? If you want built-in credibility for your case and a hometown advantage for your Williamson County personal injury case, don’t hire an Austin attorney. We invite you to learn more through our website or by scheduling a personal consultation today.