Jeep clubs rally after man dies in accident

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Car Accidents |

A man who was well-known in the Texas Jeep community passed away in a recent car accident that also seriously injured his teenage daughter. To honor him even with social distancing guidelines in place, local Jeep clubs all showed their support with a drive-by procession.

The man and his daughter were merely driving to Whataburger to get some food. What felt like such a normal, everyday activity turned tragic when their vehicle collided with another.

The man apparently saved his daughter’s life as he tried to avoid the crash. In doing so, he moved the wheel to the side so that the other vehicle struck his side of the Jeep. This meant, his wife said, that he took the main impact directly, pushing his daughter to the side. His wife said it is the only reason their daughter, who is in the ICU, is even alive.

When describing him, she continually mentioned how he always put others first, as he apparently did during the accident. He would help other Jeep drivers get unstuck when they needed it. He was a friend to everyone, and it showed. Around 80 Jeeps with an untold number of total passengers came to the procession to honor his memory.

But the clubs did more than honor him. They also started selling stickers to raise money for his funeral, and they ended up netting about $1,200 for the family.

That’s a great gesture and the money will help, but families in this position are often facing vast medical bills. It is important that they know what legal options they have.