Know your options when you are injured by a drunk driver

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Distracted driving may garner most of the media attention when it comes to the dangers on the roads in America these days, but drunk driving is still as much of a threat as it ever was. In fact, drunk driving is a threat that has existed almost since the invention of the automobile. And each year in America, thousands of lives are altered – or ended – due to the reckless actions of drunk drivers.

Legal options for injured victims

When Texas residents are injured in car accidents that are caused by drunk drivers, they may have legal options to pursue. A personal injury lawsuit could result in an award of financial compensation that could help injured victims with the unexpected medical costs that can arise in the aftermath of a car collision, among many other sudden expenses. However, just like in any other legal case, Texas residents pursuing a personal injury lawsuit based on a drunk driving incident will need evidence.

Fortunately, in an odd sense, evidence in a drunk driving incident can oftentimes be plentiful and powerfully persuasive. After all, such an incident will almost always lead to a criminal investigation as well, and if the drunk driver is ultimately convicted on a DUI charge that can be quite helpful in a civil lawsuit. There will also likely be photos of the accident scene and, hopefully, photos of any injuries to the victim.

Why you may want to consider our help

At our law firm, we work with Texas residents who are the victims of a drunk driver’s irresponsible and illegal actions. We do our best to help our clients get the justice and financial compensation they deserve. For more information, please visit the drunk driving overview section of our law firm’s website.